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So here it is, my blog and I think what I want to convey to everyone, is the point of this experiment. After all isn’t everything we do really just an experiment?

The point is, for me, to share all these thoughts, ramblings, insights and things I’ve learned that are floating around in my head… Scary I know!

We will have some laughs as we go, I will do my best to give you things to really think about but more than anything I want us to take a journey together. One where we both have discoveries along the way. Who knows maybe we’ll even solve one or two of life’s mysteries.

The place all this comes from, for me is… life as a Husband, Father, Chiropractor, Entrepreneur in a Home Based Business and more than anything a guy in his 40′s trying to wrap his head around life, while feeling like he’s still in his 20′s.

See life doesn’t really have failures… It has lessons, that is if you decide to take them that way and I hope you do. Lessons that you learn how to be a better you the next day. Lessons that should be shared and cultured into working theories that have a solid footing but that are not so rigid that you can adjust the sail when life requires it.

My overall tone will be from a place of Learn, Strive, Grind and Just Don’t let the “lessons” feel like failures that end up covering you in stone. One of the most valuable things I have learned to this point (and I’ve learned if from Crossfit) is… Figure out who you are for that day! You might have lot’s of energy and really get after it or you might need to sit back and absorb. But be okay with that, you aren’t always going to be “A” game but realizing that puts you about as close as you can get.

And Please, leave comments, ideas, lessons or thoughts on blogs that move you, that you disagree with or whatever.

In Health and Success

Derek Atchley

P.S. You will see that I have chosen to share one of my most valuable discoveries with you right up front. Mark Januszewski and his knowledge has been a game changer for me in my adventures as a Home Based Business Owner and his blog is full of great thought provoking posts

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